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Current Studio’s Utopia exhibit explores the concept of a perfect society

Current Studio’s Utopia exhibit explores the concept of a perfect society

“Can utopia ultimately be achieved, or is utopia found in small moments within our everyday lives? Can utopia exist without dystopia?” she asked.

(Oklahoma Gazette / artwork "Identity Flow" by Brazen Wolf)

Cover Story: Jamie Pettis curates Backfire to retaliate against the establishment and negative state stereotypes

“I think we’ll see a lot of that realness and rawness have to come out again, because everyone’s going to be feeling it,” he said. “You can’t run away from it.”


Tesla is back on the road, feeling refreshed and ready to rock

Tesla was born into the hair-metal heyday of the ’80s, its L.A. epicenter located just down the highway from their native Sacramento. But the gap between the two Cali metropolises proved just enough to instill a different set of sensibilities, even if they traveled in similar circles.

Mind matters

After a series of secret previews that took place earlier this year, Oklahoma’s premier mentalist, William Rader, will debut his new show, An Enchanted Evening, to the public, kicking off a series of recurring monthly performances. Taking a cue from 19th-century parlor shows, An Enchanted Evening is being performed in an intimate Automobile Alley location, so everyone

Blazing art

Cherokee basket Shan Goshorn is a preservationist, storyteller and human rights activist. In other words, she’s a contemporary Native American artist. Goshorn, a Tulsa resident and Eastern Band Cherokee tribe member, has been supporting herself as an artist for 30 years and exploring various media — including photography, beadwork, painting, glass and metalworking — to

A drink of ink

One of the world’s largest tattoo and music culture events happens Friday-Sunday at Grand Casino Hotel and Resort. Ink Life Tour Tattoo and Music Festival is a three-day party that’s as close to all-inclusive as anyone could want. The casino itself includes gaming, food, drinks (lots of ’em) and a convenient place to crash. The

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