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Yo ho ho and a flagon of rum

The band’s persistence resulted in a recording contract with Side One Dummy records (Irish punks Flogging Molly are label-mates) and a spot on Vans Warped Tour after a parking lot audition for Warped Tour owner Kevin Lyman. Its debut album, Forge & Flagon, came out in 2012. Band members went on to play their self-described

Losing to win

But ultimately, none worked. “I didn’t lose any significant weight,” he said. Healthcare professionals regularly tout the same method for weight loss: balanced meals and exercise. But this advice is often ignored when fad diet advertising floods media, particularly in the new year. Oklahoma dietician Lacey Bixler considers these plans short-term solutions that typically fail


In 2077, post-nuclear war, Earth is largely uninhabitable, sending survivors to live on one of Saturn’s moons. Cruise’s Jack Harper cruises the skies over the former New York City to guard giant water-sucking machines from attacks. He’s aided in his daily missions by the watchful eye of Victoria (Andrea Riseborough, Disconnect), who works behind a

Skinnier cocktails

Much of the credit for the trend goes to Bethenny Frankel, the natural foods chef and reality television star who started Skinnygirl Cocktails. The company featured a signature margarita with 100 calories for a 4-ounce serving. The trend was catchy, but very few people drink 4-ounce cocktails. Margaritas tend to come in large tumblers, king-size

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