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Grouplovin’ it

Photo: Pamela Littky Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi set off to Europe in 2008 seeking the same things most young people do in those formative, transatlantic trips: purpose, inspiration and a little adventure. They found a lifetime’s worth in the process. Hooper and Zucconi had just met in Manhattan a week before, but with a

Hear and now

Lexi Vernon The Songs for Sound Hear the Music Tour is headed to Oklahoma City Friday at Rodeo Opry. The event is a musical celebration and fundraiser for the University of Oklahoma Cochlear Implant Program as well as outreach programs to educate families about treatment options for the profoundly deaf. The concert will feature songwriters

‘Throe’-back songs

Oklahoma troubadour John Moreland has seen it all. He has played it all, too. Maybe that’s why his sparse, spellbinding folk songs bleed the sort of inimitable heartland wisdom they do; he has crossed the web of American highways performing music from opposite ends of the spectrum. You wouldn’t guess it stumbling upon In the

Words of a feather

Photo: Caitlin Lindsey Feathered Rabbit’s sound hits you in waves. There’s the sultry lounge essence and smoky jazz groove, both wafting with a natural ease. That’s met with a wallop of punchy, gravelly blues and swampy psychedelia that swirl together in a patchwork of sound swatches belonging to a forgone era of American music. Complex

Honey, I’m home

Heavy, the debut album of Oklahoma folk-rockers Honeylark, will premier to much fanfare with its Saturday release show, featuring a rare performance from Oklahoma music legend and the Queen of Rockabilly herself, Wanda Jackson. Other collaborations include local favorites Fiawna Forte, The Wurly Birds, Em and the MotherSuperiors, Feathered Rabbit and a three-piece horn section.

Crooks for life

With country currently among the most popular genres on the music charts, more bands have to find new ways to make themselves sound different from everything else on the radio. This is a credo that Josh Mazour, songwriter and lead singer of Crooks, has taken to heart, going as far as to create a new

Bowlsey — Sleepy Weather

In a weird way, it does. The budding Oklahoma City trio released Sleepy Weather — a five-song demo of sorts — just a month after the band’s conception, each track abstaining from any semblance of formula. With a range of influences spanning from sultry lounge and folk jangles to Adult Swim hip-hop and chilled electronica,

Ready or not

The Ready Set Photo: Jared Thomas A 20-something singer-songwriter from the Midwest readies to play a few tunes Thursday night from his ever-growing repertoire of chart-topping singles, acoustic endeavors and previews from his upcoming third full-length album. As The Ready Set, Indiana native Jordan Witzigreuter has charmed national audiences — particularly the teen, female demographic

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