From recent full-time menu additions like boneless Buffalo wings to other wild ideas that never see the light of day — like a hot dog topped with peanut butter, bacon, pecans and caramel— it all starts in Oklahoma City.

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2016 sonic summer movie

Sonic Summer Movies gives families a chance to stretch out in the grass for an outdoor screening

Each movie night brings about 2,500 guests to the Myriad Botanical Gardens’ Great Lawn.

To the Wonder

His Tree of Life in 2011 earned praise and derision alike for its ambitions and meandering, largely plotless tale. It was my No. 1 film that year, but I had no idea at the time that it would look like Iron Man 3 when compared to his follow-up, To the Wonder. Now on Blu-ray and

Speedy delivery

Sometimes lyrics are so good, they read like poetry. That’s certainly the case with Massachusetts alt-rock act Speedy Ortiz, although it comes with a simple explanation. When lyricist and front woman Sadie Dupuis isn’t onstage, she can be found studying or in class at Amherst College, where she is finishing her master’s degree in poetry.

Norman Music Festival 6: Day 1

Best Case for a Main Stage Spot at Norman Music Festival 7:Horse Thief Sometimes you hear bands in a small room and know they won’t be playing there much longer. You definitely got that feeling watching Oklahoma City’s Horse Thief at Opolis Thursday night. The outfit didn’t rely on crowd favorites off Grow Deep, Grow

Tots entertainment

Credit: Brad Gregg So when the most recent trailer for To the Wonder, his upcoming feature, recently hit the web, we expected the unexpected. That said, we did not expect to see — starring alongside Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams — a Sonic Drive-In and Taco Bueno. Sonic is featured quite prominently, in fact; its

Civics lesson

Angela Monson Credit: Shannon Cornman Incumbent board chairwoman Angela Monson, an employee of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and a former state senator, faces challenger Lynne Hardin. First elected four years ago, Monson said she chose to run the first time because, in part, she saw bright children, including her own daughter, “not

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