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Dorman says he’s an underdog who’s gaining ground

“Just like the NCAA bracket where I see the underdogs are doing very well this year, I think we are going to see the same thing happen on Nov. 4,” said Dorman, referring to the annual NCAA basketball tournament currently in action and the date Oklahomans will vote for governor. “As the election moves toward

Women in Oklahoma lawsuit to allow gay marriage will be in OKC on Saturday

Mary Bishop, Sharon Baldwin, Sue Barton and Gay Phillips, all of Tulsa, sued the state and federal governments for the right to marry and for recognition of the marriages of same-gender couples nearly a decade ago. “It is expected that matters surrounding the state’s same-sex constitutional marriage ban will begin to move very quickly in

Mayoral candidate denied access speak at City Council meeting

Nelson, 76, addresses the council regularly during the public comments section of the council agenda. Since filing for office, Nelson has been told twice he could not make any remarks to the council unless they involved an agenda item. Dilapidated buildings and abandoned structures are routinely considered by the council. In a letter to Oklahoma

State of the City speech

“It’s 2014 and you should be proud of your city for several reasons,” he told a crowd of about 1,600 people at the Cox Business Services Convention Center. According to Atlantic Monthly, OKC is one of the most popular cities for millennials. The city also has been recognized nationally for its low cost-of-living and for

Speak English!

Illustration: Brad Gregg U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Tulsa, feels your pain. (Or is it xenophobia?) Under his proposed English Language Unity Act, the federal government would be required to conduct all its affairs in English. “This will obligate the federal government to preserve, protect, and enhance the role of the English language within our government,”

Wolf pact

It’s not who you know, but how you know them. Phil Chamberlain, drummer for North Carolina metalcore quintet To Speak of Wolves, knows that as well as anyone, and he has an impressive in with the scene: His brother fronts the revered Christian metal band Underoath — not that he and his fellow Wolves have

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