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Standing up for hope

Rickey and Joella Bell Photo by Mark Hancock Bell and his wife, Joella, often find themselves living on the streets of Oklahoma City, but they don’t ask for pity. The 11-year vet knows the mistakes he has made and is working to right his wrongs. “We all put ourselves in these positions, and we have

Women Who Kill

As anyone who’s seen the last couple of Comedy Central roasts knows, Schumer is a fearless comedian, and no topic is too potentially offensive for her to tackle without apology. Here, that includes Jewish concentration camps, choking your grandmother, peeing in the ocean, giving your boyfriend HPV, volunteering for the Special Olympics, and on and

The Last Stand

In his first starring role in a decade, the former governor of California plays Sheriff Ray Owens, the lovable law enforcer of Sommerton, Ariz., where nothing ever happens except a parade — that is, until the FBI starts to transfer Mexican cartel boss Cortez (the Benicio Del Toro-esque Eduardo Noriega of Blackthorn) from Las Vegas

Young at art

Photo: Carl Shortt Oklahoma is filled with young, talented artists, yet many of them will never be recognized because they simply don’t know who to talk to or where to go to get their works displayed for the public. Since 2002, the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s annual Momentum show has worked to remedy such circumstances.

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