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Ward 1 candidates prepare for Feb. 14’s Oklahoma City Council election

Ward 1 candidates prepare for Feb. 14’s Oklahoma City Council election

Jonathan Clour, Chris Gordon and incumbent James Greiner are vying for the council seat.

Georgie Rasco, executive director of The Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma, poses for a photo, Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Neighborhood improvement projects could be listed in a 2017 bond proposal

“No one knows more about the neighborhoods than the citizens,” said Kristy Yager, City of Oklahoma City public information director.

A pot hole on N.W. 36th Street causes traffic to veer left to keep from hitting it, near the First Christian (Egg) Church.  mh

OKC residents are most concerned about the state of city streets

The 2016 City of Oklahoma City Citizen Survey shows OKC residents have consistently worried about driving conditions and travel infrastructure.


News briefs: road improvements, Capitol Hill High School mascot and more

Streets improving Do you find the nearly 8,100 miles of roads in Oklahoma City to be of good quality? If you do, then you’re in the minority. Survey results from the city’s public works department show that just 35 percent of city residents are satisfied with the condition of local streets. However, that’s just a


Commentary: Spending to reduce debt

I want to agree with Oklahoma Gazette Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Chancellor’s May 14 statement on public radio that Oklahoma City’s investments in infrastructure help level the playing field between rich and poor. The MAPS accomplishments are revitalizing OKC, now the envy of hundreds of American cities. True, most improvements benefitted our downtown and the bankers and

The issues

Mick Cornett 1. Public safety: “We can have all the quality-of-life amenities, but if people don’t feel safe in their neighborhoods, it’s meaningless. That’s why the last decade, we’ve consistently put two-thirds of our budget towards public safety, we’ve used the MAPS 3 use tax to fund a new police fleet and new police helicopters,

WEATHER: Street crews at the ready

Workers driving 30 to 34 trucks will begin salting city snow routes once ice or snow starts to accumulate on roadways or ground temperatures dip below freezing. A snow route map is listed on the city’s website at http://www.okc.gov/prepare/winter.html. According to Yager, city road crews will work 12-hour shifts until the winter weather improves. OKC’s

On the road again

Initially discussed in 1996 as part of the Interstate 40 crosstown relocation, the would-be boulevard could take shape as a landscaped, four-lane, tree-lined gateway into and out of the downtown area, if city officials have their way. Oklahoma City Council recommended to ODOT — the agency responsible for the project — a boulevard option that

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