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Love ya, too, Eddie Vedder

He knows Chesapeake Energy Arena is a Ticketmaster venue, right? Nevermind that, we guess. The … show … sold out. Didn’t it? However, we did get tickets for sale on Ticketmaster for $64-ish. Plus fees. So, $80-plus. But we digress. What’s disturbing is that on the band’s tour, even as a joke, Vedder, eh, kids

Mack the strife

The latest manifestation of the Emerald City’s green-eyed monster came today courtesy hip-hopper and Seattle native Macklemore, aka Ben Haggerty. On Twitter, he expressed displeasure that his latest hit song with Ryan Lewis, “Can’t Hold Us,” has been used to energize Oklahoma City Thunder fans at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. “OH HELL NO!” tweeted the

Du-real estate

Credit: Brad Gregg The 5,910-square-foot home boasts five bedrooms, a wine cellar, a high-tech home theater and, we presume, really high ceilings. We couldn’t help but notice that SeattlePI.com, in reporting the transaction, identified KD as “the superstar of the former Seattle SuperSonics” and managed to avoid referencing the Thunder altogether, although the online news


Thunder majority owner Clay Bennett Credit: Shannon Cornman Home games at the Chesapeake Energy Arena routinely sell out. Signs of Thunder mania, from car flags to T-shirts, are everywhere. Lengthy, glowing profiles about the team and its relationship to OKC have appeared everywhere from The New York Times to USA Today. The team’s devoted following

Turnabout’s fair play in the NBA

Credit: Brad Gregg Four years after the SuperSonics departed the city to become the Oklahoma City Thunder, Seattle’s city council appears poised to spend some money to secure a proper venue to entice an NBA franchise. With huge backing from a hedge fund manager named Chris Hansen, Rain City has agreed to build a $490

This week at the ’Peake

Credit: Brad Gregg First, the taxes. According to a report in Bloomberg News, Chesapeake has paid very little of the taxes owed on $5.5 billion it’s made since its founding. The reason rests with a law — written back when people were still mostly getting around on horse and buggy — that allows oil and

Thunder city

Credit: Shannon Cornman It existed in the shadow of the boom-and-bust economy of Tulsa’s oil-rich gentility, whose development outpaced its sister down the turnpike for much of the last half-century. It existed in the shadow of equidistant college rivals whose fan bases divided the city’s allegiance. Most of all, it existed in the shadow of

Pod people

Brad Gregg When the Oklahoma City Thunder came to town, the 30-year-old Oklahoma Christian University graduate thought it would be neat if he and his co-workers could do something similar — “be the voice of the fan,” he said. That idea morphed into the OKC ThunderCast podcast, which Lightsey and Blayne Cook produce. It focuses

Shirt happens

Brad Gregg An Oklahoma City-based business, Warpaint Clothing Co., riled fans of the Seattle SuperSonics — the Thunder’s previous incarnation — for hawking T-shirts that appropriated the Sonics’ logo and read, “Thank you Seattle.” After a few well-placed Twitter mentions two weekends ago brought attention to the shirts, Warpaint began receiving online death threats. “So

Grievous in seattle

Brad Gregg Now they plan to share their anger fueled conspiracy mongering in a nationwide airing of Sonicsgate:Requiem for a Team, a documentary that purports to blow the lid off that Seattle-to-OKC move. Seattle likes to tout itself as the “Emerald City,” but for the past several years that green has been more of the

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