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Myra Moaning teaches her kindergarten class at Little Light Christian School, Thursday, March 2, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

A local school works to reduce risks for children with incarcerated parents

A local school works to reduce risks for children with incarcerated parents

Children with incarcerated parents face slimmer chances of success than other children, but Little Light Christian School hopes to reverse those odds.

Growing pains

Some neighbors are also pushing back on two new restaurants planned for 23rd Street that they say could cause traffic issues on the residential streets close to the growing commercial district north of downtown. “We are all for responsible development, but we cannot live somewhere that [has] constant late-night noise and can’t take the loss

Why fund the Oklahoma Arts Council?

I’ve watched state policymakers and legislators ask this question and inexplicably seem unable to come to a fairly simple conclusion. The Oklahoma Arts Council (OAC) is one of the leanest-operating state agencies in Oklahoma, improving the lives of Oklahomans from Frederick to Miami and Broken Bow to Black Mesa, seeding the success of hundreds of

Marijuana rally scheduled Wednesday

Medical Marijuana Day will consist of lobbying, advocacy and training, according to Norma Sapp, director of the Oklahoma chapter of National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). An advocacy training session in Room 104 is slated for 10 a.m. The meeting is designed to help citizens understand the most effective way to lobby their

Who will take reigns on popular Halloween parade?

Tuesday’s media statement, sent to media outlets, sponsors and fans, reads: Oklahoma Gazette has announced that it will no longer produce Gazette’s Halloween Parade. As part of the news organization’s strategic planning in advance of its 35th anniversary in 2014, it will focus on its core drive of news and information delivery, with a particular

Kickin’ it

It was an eye-opening experience. “After you saw all these athletic facilities and the shape that a lot of these fields were in, it was just very bothersome, knowing that it was happening in our city.” McLaughlin spoke with Keith Sinor, the athletic director for the Oklahoma City Public Schools, who was on that trip.

Various artists — Support Local Heroes: Vol 1

But music has more to offer than just fun and games. And with the sting of May’s natural disasters still weighing heavy on Oklahomans, Support Local Heroes: Vol 1 — a 10-song compilation of Chevy Music Showcase artists benefitting ongoing disaster-relief efforts — seeks to provide both spiritual and financial aid for those affected by

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