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Dr. Jim Keller poses for a photo at his office in Edmond, Friday, Jan. 27, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Weighed down: Surgeries remain a viable yet extreme option in weight loss and management

Weighed down: Surgeries remain a viable yet extreme option in weight loss and management

“When you diet and begin losing weight in a typical diet and exercise program, the body begins defending against that,” Keller said.

Dr. J. Arden Blough and Chiropractor Todd Farris pose for a photo at Broadway Clinic in Oklahoma City, Monday, Jan. 16, 2016.  Dr. Blough holds a prop representing five pounds of body fat. (Garett Fisbeck)

Weighed down: Weight management, hormones, medication play important roles in weight-loss journeys

“I have a friend who lost 40 pounds in her mid 60s and has maintained for five years, but she’s as obsessed as I am. I don’t want to be there,” Horton said.

YES, this gal really is doing it herself

“Because they say when you hit 30 it doesn’t get easier. So I thought, ‘Well, you know, if I get a little healthier before I turn 30, maybe I can get ahead of the game.’” Lambert told E! News at the Country Music Association Awards Nov. 6. Well, the situation has gotten a little out

Welcome home, Mr. Inhofe

But did you know that if we had “socialized medicine like Obama is trying to impose on America,” he might not have been afforded his recent emergency quadruple bypass heart surgery? That’s how he put it, anyway. “A person can find out, here in the United States, that he has this emergency situation where he

Here, kitty! Wait. No, nevermind, kitty.

The menagerie, located in Wynnewood, features about 150 big cats. According to entertainment director of the park and owner of the cats, Joe Schreibvogel, Saffery was in violation of proper safety protocol. The young lady stuck her hand through the fence, and her sleeve was caught, according to Schreibvogel. After surgery, Saffery was able to


Best of OKC 2013 – Places

Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma Best place to volunteer REGIONAL FOOD BANK OF OKLAHOMA 3355 S. Purdue Its motto is “Fighting hunger … feeding hope.” Volunteers help the largest private hunger-relief organization in the state do this by sorting and distributing enough food to feed 90,000 people every week. That’s vitally important in a state

Anatomy / Anatomy 2

As Paula quickly discovers through her studies, there exists a crazy, frat-like organization on campus whose members like to perform autopsies. What’s so crazy about that? The surgeons of this secret society like to perform said autopsies on live humans. Naturally, that results in danger for her and creepy imagery for us. Slick, sick and

Stripped / Nailbiter / American Mary

First, in Stripped, debuting feature director J.M.R. Luna updates the been-there scenario of college-age assholes on a holiday of hell by applying a coat of found footage to it. In this case, four friends gather to make the 21st birthday of one of them memorable, beginning with 8 a.m. bowl smoking before heading to Vegas,

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