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Teacher rally at state capitol draws 25,000

Respect is what they demanded. Respect in the form of better pay, fewer standardized tests and increased funding. “Things need to change,” said Janie Petersen, a councilor from Claremore Public Schools outside Tulsa. “Our [state leaders] don’t respect teachers, they don’t even respect the kids. It’s hurtful.” Initial estimates put the crowd at over 25,000


The 2004 vote on this issue confirmed Oklahomans’ view that a marriage should be between a man and a woman, but as much as we struggle with the idea of a gay couple being married, we must come to the realization that gay marriage will be legal in all states, maybe quicker than we think.

Weight converters

But thanks to free 12-week programs, Cassandra Bennett, 49, has lost 70 pounds and is no longer feeling the lethargy and depression she suffered after this traumatic experience. “The teachers were encouraging and said, ‘You can do it,’ and it was always an atmosphere that was positive and uplifting,” Bennett said. The Oklahoma City-County Health


I have always been “pro-teacher” and have been firmly on the side of funding education above special interests. However, this week, I did not understand the rage you must feel at the lack of control you have over educating your own students. I am sorry that we gauge a child’s value and your worth based

‘No tolerance’ doesn’t teach

In 1999, the committee was shocked to learn that the OKCPS only had 485 alternative school slots for students with behavioral or attendance problems, health conditions, pregnancy or parenting challenges or who were institutionalized. According to the state’s Needs Assessment, the OKCPS needed another 1,205 slots. We also knew that punitive policies, such as “zero

Nowhere to hide

State Rep. Joe Dorman (D-Rush Springs) said the statewide figure demonstrates a greater problem because more than half a million students and teachers are without adequate protection from tornadoes. “It’s shocking how many school districts are without shelters,” he said at a meeting last week, highlighting a report released the week of Sept. 23. “I

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