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Mike Hosty (Gazette file)

Mike Hosty knows a thing or two about career resiliency

Mike Hosty knows a thing or two about career resiliency

With two decades of residency at The Deli under his belt, Mike Hosty knows a thing or two about career resiliency.

Uke Solo — 9th Annual Norman Music Festival (NMF9)

Jarvix carries his ukulele and passion for music all around OKC

He uses a loop pedal and nontraditional instruments to add depth to his music.


Saturday night, Stoney LaRue will play a sold-out show in the glitz and glam of Norman’s illuminated Riverwind Casino. Ten or so years back, he played the same city on a weekly basis at the humble, beloved The Deli. Although the Red Dirt icon appreciates the huge production and massive capacity — now necessary to

Van go

Folk-rock flock The Ragbirds preach the same green message as many touring bands, but has taken it a step further by converting its touring van to run on recycled vegetable oil. Accordingly, look out, metro restaurants, because The Ragbirds might come a-knockin’ while in town for two concerts in Oklahoma City and Norman. “Every couple

Musical entity

Amid Gentle Ghost’s signature jarring, distorted, three-guitar assault, singer Seth McCarroll has to work extra hard to keep from getting drowned out. His close attention to storytelling detail and occasional bouts of shouting creates an aggressive tension with the Norman post-rock band’s especially loud style, which mimics some of the destructive domestic themes explored in

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