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New documentary Obit. takes viewers behind the scenes at The New York Times

New documentary Obit. takes viewers behind the scenes at The New York Times

The film screens May 19-21 and May 25 at Oklahoma City Museum of Art.


The Blue Door’s annual tribute to Woody Guthrie confronts perceived fascism

Blue Door owner Greg Johnson has been organizing a Woody Guthrie tribute every year since 1991.

Storied speaker

A stranger is watching. Where are the children? A cry in the night. Suspense killing you yet? Those phrases also are titles of novels written by The New York Times bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark, the “queen of suspense.” The esteemed crime writer will speak Tuesday at Literary Voices, annual fundraising dinner to benefit the

Page One: Inside the New York Times

Startling admission: As a career-long journalist in one form or another, it is difficult for me to be truly objective about the documentary “Page One: Inside The New York Times.” No such problem exists with the Times’ own Michael Kinsley, who panned it as “a mess,” but don’t listen to him — I’m guessing most

Frackin’ PR

The New York Times, which buys lots o’ ink, published a lengthy story titled “Insiders Sound an Alarm Amid a Natural Gas Rush” on June 25. Therein, Ian Urbina reported that natural gas companies were gambling enormously on wells, promising huge profits and new energy resources, but suggested that the gas may not be as

How’s it hangin’?

“This, I thought, was eating,” Bourdain wrote, describing the onglet, better known as hanger steak. When a cow is processed, there is this mysterious, little-known piece of meat, which some people (including me) find good. Others, however, stay far away. There is nothing modern about the no-waste hanger steak; it’s been a cut known for

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