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The Trip

Condensed from the recent, six-episode BBC series of the same name, the improv comedy casts Steve Coogan (“The Other Guys”) and Rob Brydon (“Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”) as themselves, more or less. Steve’s tasked with taking a road trip to write about some fine dining spots along the English countryside, and because he’s

The Trip

Like the food its stars sample, “The Trip” isn’t for everyone’s tastes. Those who appreciate a subtle brand of humor that’s all about the details — in other words, British — should try it, when it screens Friday and Saturday at Oklahoma City Museum of Art, as part of the four-day, three-flick Foodie Film FEASTival.


The studio’s latest been-there-done-that computer-generated cash cow is “Megamind.” Like the “Shrek” franchise, it features a bad guy who isn’t a villain so much as a misunderstood lug. Like the “Madagascar” movies, it often confuses wit with frenetic montages in which creatures dance, dance, dance. Like “Monsters vs. Aliens,” it offers characters only as memorable

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