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Jumpstart your 2014

Red Coyote Running and Fitness 5720 N. Classen Blvd.redcoyoterunning.com840-0033 If you’ve decided to get fit in 2014, run to Red Coyote and grab a flashy, comfortable pair of running shoes that will give your feet the support they need whether your goal is to become one of those people who runs at 5 a.m. every

Women need help, not prison

Many factors contribute to the high female incarceration rate. However, the root cause is one that makes for uncomfortable conversation: the fact that women and girls in our state are not treated well. Oklahoma has an inordinate number of girls who suffer abuse and other forms of trauma in childhood and then carry the symptoms

Balls out

In fact, they couldn’t be further from the traditional french fry, yet Oklahoma loves them. Featured at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, 1309 S. Agnew Ave. in historic Stockyards City, these jumbo egg-sized treats are a nationally recognized customer favorite. Guy Fieri from Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Adam Richman with Man v. Food have both tried them.

The Flaming Lips — Peace Sword

For those who have been clamoring for a return to the more optimistic, life-affirming version of The Lips (or, as some would call them, “songs”), Peace Sword ought to appease — albeit subtly. The six-song EP was conceived after being asked to write music for the end credits of the recently released sci-fi flick Ender’s

Southern comfort

A critically acclaimed new film is headed to Oklahoma City, tackling sensitive topics as religion, homosexuality and suicide. In spite of the somber tone, Southern Baptist Sissies is billed as a dark comedy, and writer-producer Del Shores said Oklahoma is one of the states that needs to see the film the most. “After talking to


The bar is always open A 61-year-old Texas man admitted to a hospital not long ago appearing to be falling-down-drunk, even though denying having had even a single drink, was discovered to be unintentionally manufacturing beer in his stomach. With “auto-brewery syndrome,” stomach-based yeast automatically ferments all starches (even vegetables or grains) passing through, converting

Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Make no mistake; Ain’t Them Bodies Saints is not as ambiguous as its title suggests. While it is indeed a work shrouded in murky atmosphere and high-minded poetry, at its core, David Lowery’s directorial breakthrough remains a classic tale of love, bondage and promises kept. Lowery tells his story with a lens so creatively visionary

Them Hounds — Them Hounds

Given the parameters of what actually constitutes the blues, it’s easy to see why: There just aren’t that many variations of the genre’s 12-bar framework that retain that “bluesy feel.” Instead, its divergences usually come in the form of vocal variance and guitar solos, and Them Hounds thrive within these confines. Two things immediately jump


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