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Saddle up

Life has been a whirlwind the past few months for Oklahoma City-based band Horse Thief. Its highly anticipated debut album, Fear in Bliss, has already received critical praise from national media doting on the Bella Union label’s new darlings. Horse Thief is headed back to its roots for a special album release show April 18

Album review: Horse Thief – Fear in Bliss

Listening to Horse Thief’s previous release — the haphazardly melodramatic Grow Deep, Grow Wild — felt like a chore. Whatever potential the Oklahoma City folk-pop act demonstrated on the EP was obscured behind a formulaic, contrived and ultimately hollow cloud. But it at least offered a glimmer of promise for a band consisting of, frankly,

Horse Thief — Little Dust

In advance of their upcoming album, Fear in Bliss, Oklahoma City folk-rockers Horse Thief debuted a new single this week on popular music blog Stereogum.  The song, “Little Dust,” is a breezier affair than “Devil,” the album’s first single. It features a mid-tempo rhythm section and twangy guitar swells layered beneath singer Cameron Neal’s nasally croon, and

Bone density

Bone marrow is a soft and spongy substance, yet it’s the innermost element of the human construct, vital to our existence as a sustainable and adaptable species. Without it, our bodies would succumb to even the most innocuous threat. Likewise, Tallows’ music is so constructed: robust with instrumental depth and conceptual assertion. There’s also a

Behind the snitch?

Credit: Brad Gregg When two men allegedly finished burglarizing a house just outside McAlester last month, one of the thieves evidently made the job of police much easier by accidentally butt-dialing 911. The dispatcher transferred the call, allowing investigators to listen while the pair of voices on the other end discussed swiping money, jewelry and

Identity Thief

Yes, it’s stupid. But it stars Jason Bateman, one of the scant few actors currently working who can turn the otherwise throwaway line “The fuck you are” into a genuine laugh. Recently seen showing his dramatic side in Disconnect, Bateman reunites with Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon as Sandy Patterson, a Denver family man whose

Norman Music Festival 6: Day 1

Best Case for a Main Stage Spot at Norman Music Festival 7:Horse Thief Sometimes you hear bands in a small room and know they won’t be playing there much longer. You definitely got that feeling watching Oklahoma City’s Horse Thief at Opolis Thursday night. The outfit didn’t rely on crowd favorites off Grow Deep, Grow

Horse Thief — Grow Deep, Grow Wild

Horse Thief is not a psychedelic folk band, like its members want you to believe; the Oklahoma City quintet plays trendy indie pop with some earthy guitar tones and lyrics that occasionally make mention of geography. Self-affixed or otherwise, labels aren’t necessarily indicative of artistic worth, yet framework and context are crucial in determining whether

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