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Sound excavation

You might expect Enid outfit The Fossil Youth to hit the road with fellow pop-punk groups when touring time comes. It has, occasionally. But just as often, it has trekked across the country with hardcore bands. Believe it or not, the band has yet to be death-glared off the stage. “It gives us a chance

Bright stripes

The Grizzlies aren’t the only Memphians laying tracks in Oklahoma City this summer. Garage rock’s Tiger High — the name being a nod to the city’s university — brings Memphis along everywhere it goes, including Monday’s stop at Kamps 1310 Lounge. “[Memphis] is a huge influence on us,” said drummer Greg Roberson. “There have been

Tiger would

Everyone in their mid-20s to 30s arguably carries a certain guilty pleasure for the pop-punk and pre-guyliner emo tunes of the likes of Taking Back Sunday, Brand New and Blink-182. Oklahoma City’s own Tiger Lily is more upfront about its appreciation. Luckily, a new generation of bands, including The Wonder Years and The Story So

Shark Week

Patriot Games‘ Patrick Bergin is Tiberon (get it?), a madman who clutches a pearl necklace, has Kick-Ass’ Yancy Butler draped on his arm, and channels John de Lancie. He’s collected these poor souls for reasons unbeknownst until the final five minutes; you can gather it’s for personal revenge. He forces them into his baby shark-infested

The Hunter

Willem Dafoe (John Carter) assumes the title role as Martin David, an expert hunter who’s hired by a shadowy mega-corporation in Europe to acquire the Tasmanian tiger for them in the Australia wilds. Although thought to be extinct, the animal is rumored to have been sighted recently, making it perhaps the last one in existence.

Rainy days

I love them although they make my (already pretty out-of-control) hair look like I’ve been living for three weeks with squirrels in a briar patch prone to humidity. Exactly like that. The only thing I possibly love more than rainy days are rain boots. I tend to call them Wellies, due to my annoying case

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