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“Beetlejuice” by Dallas Morgandale | Photo provided

Halloween: 51st Street Speakeasy celebrates Halloween with a massively anticipated Tim Burton-themed art show

Halloween: 51st Street Speakeasy celebrates Halloween with a massively anticipated Tim Burton-themed art show

What began as a themed show planned by local band The So Help Me’s has ballooned into an unofficial Burton fan gathering.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer art by Mike Allen. (provided)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer serves as inspiration for the latest 51st Street Speakeasy mixed-media art show

The show is the latest from production team James Nghiem and Mike Allen.

House of Dark Shadows / Night of Dark Shadows

Both directed by Dark Shadows creator Dan Curtis (Dead of Night), the pair of flicks conveniently has arrived in long-overdue DVD and Blu-ray releases from Warner Home Video. Both also benefit in the production value inherent of theatrical releases, which the live, shot-on-video soap often severely lacked. It took me a while to realize this,


A film of stop-motion animation, it is a feature-length version of a charming but unremarkable live-action short he made for Disney in 1984, about a kid who revives his beloved dead dog via lightning bolts. The House of Mouse found the end result so odd and macabre that it shelved plans to send it to

Dark Shadows

Sporting spindly fingers à la 1922’s Nosferatu, Johnny Depp’s 18th-century vampire character of Barnabas Collins rises from the grave in 1972 where he’s puzzled by the high-tech times of television sets and breakfast waffles. He settles in with his descendants at their dreary Collinwood mansion, headed by matriarch Elizabeth (Michelle Pfeiffer, who gets lovelier each

Dark Shadows: Fan Favorites / The Best of Barnabas

It’s de rigueur for the Collins clan of Dark Shadows, the long-running Gothic soap opera from the late 1960s and early 70s, and a cult sensation ever since. Because the TV show is due for a modern reboot as Tim Burton’s take hits the big screen on May 11, MPI Home Video is naturally mere

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

And that would be a bad thing, because “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” hoses off any stink Burton left behind. It’s one of the year’s nicest surprises. An origin story to the sci-fi franchise that began on the big screen in 1968, “Rise” draws upon story elements of 1972’s “Conquest of the Planet

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