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Former Navy SEAL opens an Oklahoma City gym specifically geared toward runners

Former Navy SEAL opens an Oklahoma City gym specifically geared toward runners

The running studio is equipped with Woodway 4Front treadmills, which are considered ‘the Bentley of treadmills.’

Toby Keith — Drinks After Work

I make absolutely no excuses for finding total pleasure in Toby Keith’s take-no-prisoners, buck-the-system, good-time-Charlie tunes. He’s a grown man who sings grown-man songs, and if any proof is needed, I suggest turning up the volume of his new album, Drinks After Work, right from the first track, the sublimely later-era ZZ Top-esque dirt-rocker “Shut

Made you Flinch

As far as names for dubstep producers go, veteran Los Angeles beat maker Adam Glassco picked a pretty great one. Moving from his roots in drum and bass music to electro and now dubstep, Flinch inspires his fair share of involuntary movements in dance halls and clubs across the world since he first started experimenting

Music Made Me: Laura Leighe

Nichole Nordeman, Wide Eyed (1998) This woman will forever be one of the greatest singer/songwriter/pianists on the planet. Her honest lyrics, hauntingly moving chord choices and beautifully pure voice elevate your soul to a new, better place than you were before. It was in high school that I discovered Christian music, and Nichole was a

Elephant Revival — Break in the Clouds

It helps that all five members contribute songs, taking the stress off one songwriter. The band takes the term “folk” seriously, sticking to tunes that could have been culled from the Appalachians in the 19th century or earlier. Thankfully, the production isn’t rustic. The songs sport a sprightly, well-produced sheen landing just short of being

Gaither-ed in song

Whereas the singer/songwriter’s first disc was acoustic, the new “Love Is Patient” finds her backed by a full band, comprised of fellow Oklahomans. To hear Gaither sing “Patient” track for track, you don’t have to have patience — just $7 and some free time, starting at 6:30 p.m. Saturday at the Bridgeway Backroom, 228 W.

Positive perceptions

An overwhelming majority of Oklahoma City’s likely voters believe the municipality is on the right track and has done a good job handling the MAPS funds, according to a recent poll. The exclusive poll of 303 registered Oklahoma City voters was conducted by SoonerPoll.com, sponsored by Oklahoma Gazette and has a margin of error of

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