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Mayor Mick Cornett was honoring the OKC Police Department with Chief Bill Citty and other officers, at City Council last year on 5-1-12.  mh

Local police given permission to carry their own rifles

Oklahoma City police are now allowed to carry their own personal rifles while on duty.

Life after prison

“You have fines and parole fees you have to pay when you are released from prison,” Smith said. “Without a job, it makes it even more difficult.” Smith isn’t alone. The Oklahoma Department of Corrections’ 2012 Annual Report states it released more than 34,000 state inmates over the past four years. To help those released

New look

His work experience is mainly in “labor work, construction, roofing and painting.” He is a high school graduate who has a lifelong love of writing and of films. Powell recently published one of his stories, “Sasquatch,” online through bookcountry.com. Like any writer, certain works inspire him. “The writer I’m probably most influenced by is Stephen

Angels unaware

According to its own numbers, the center works with approximately 1,200 central Oklahomans. Executive Director Connie McGoodwin said DRTC’s economic impact is profound, generating $5.5 million in wages for the state’s disabled community. In 1953, the center was founded as a school by parents inspired by Angel Unaware, a book by Dale Evans Rogers, the

White magic

In a couple of years, the entire landscape for American kayakers and the availability of training courses will change, the three-time Olympian and four-time world champion said. Shipley, owner of S2O Design and Engineering in Lyons, Colo., the firm hired to design Oklahoma City’s MAPS 3 whitewater superpark, said the newest and most sophisticated course

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