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Jack Fowler works on his mural in Bricktown, Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Downtown community members seek muralists to paint Midtown mural

Downtown community members seek muralists to paint Midtown mural

This mural will decorate the side of an apartment building in Midtown.

Failed money grabber

Lawton police officer Alicia Redding was one of the officers who responded to the 911 call that was placed by a group of teenagers who heard shouts for help coming from the manhole. She said she was surprised that the man had sustained only minor injuries during his two-day stint underground. Lawton police officers rescued

Ministry leader, sex offender file lawsuit against city

David Nichols, president of Hand Up Ministries, and convicted sex offender Bernard Richard Lagrow have requested a judge consider a temporary restraining order forbidding law enforcement personnel from arresting or charging suspects in these types of cases. Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater, Oklahoma County Sheriff John Whetsel and

Taking cover

“Had we had a safe room, it would have been our procedure for our students to be there,” said Amy Simpson, Plaza Towers’ principal, at a tearful May 24 news conference. “My school will have a safe room when it’s rebuilt.” Her sentiments were echoed by Briarwood Principal Shelley McMillin. “What we normally do is

In cars

His frustration stems from TV coverage of the EF3 tornado that swept through sections of Central Oklahoma on May 31. That’s when Morgan urged viewers who couldn’t get underground to a shelter to “leave south Oklahoma City and go south. Do it right now.” A little later, Morgan repeated that a tornado warning was in

Grand Duel

As Clayton, a former sheriff, Van Cleef traverses the desert by stagecoach, looking to score a $3,000 bounty for bringing in the bandit Wermeer (Peter O’Brien, né Alberto Dentice, who never acted before or since). Wermeer is wanted for murder by the three Saxon brothers who seek revenge for them killing their dad (Horst Frank,

ADD it up

ADDverse Effects, a new collective based out of Norman, offers something fresh to the growing hip-hop scene in Oklahoma. Drummer Boyd Littel came up with the idea after a last-second gig he played with vocalist Joshua “Fiji” Rehanek and a couple other musicians. With that show’s success, he recruited the current lineup, and the band

Ghost of a chance

Photo: Krista Spears Most parents aren’t thrilled about their kids playing in punk bands. The mother of Corporate Ghost drummer Max Harris, however, has fostered the entire underground scene by giving fledgling punk and garage rock bands a place to call home while honing their skill. “It’s provided a place for the punk and underground

Best Laid Plans

Subbing as the British film’s George and Lenny are, respectively, drugged-out thug Danny (Stephen Graham, Al Capone in TV’s Boardwalk Empire) and mentally handicapped giant Joseph (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, TV’s Lost). The former enrolls the latter against his will in unregulated MMA scuffles for quick paydays. Danny and Joseph are friends out of necessity, depending upon

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