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State of the City speech

“It’s 2014 and you should be proud of your city for several reasons,” he told a crowd of about 1,600 people at the Cox Business Services Convention Center. According to Atlantic Monthly, OKC is one of the most popular cities for millennials. The city also has been recognized nationally for its low cost-of-living and for

Popularity contest

Although voters won’t head to the polls for another four months (the primary is March 4), mayoral candidate and Ward 2 Councilman Ed Shadid received unanimous backing from the OKC police and fire unions. None of Oklahoma City’s neighborhood associations have publicly endorsed Mayor Mick Cornett in his re-election bid. However, more than 700 Oklahoma

Unions are the last chance

Yes, Carter did sign acts that weakened the unions, by deregulating the railroads and motor carriers, whose genesis dates back to initiatives started with Nixon and carried through to Reagan’s coup de grâce of the air traffic controllers. I have but a simple understanding to the convoluted Republican obfuscation of our budget woes by blaming

Can it happen here?

Truth be told, the ingredients are here. A new Republican majority, in charge of all the levers of lawmaking, has made a lot of noise about restoring fiscal sanity. In the meantime, Oklahoma’s Teachers Retirement Fund has a $10 billion unfunded liability. If and when the new majority addresses this issue, the teachers’ unions are

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