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Skating Polly — Fuzz Steilacoom

The former is a startlingly authoritative, snarling take of Kelli Mayo and Peyton Bighorse’s brand of punk-anchored “ugly pop,” a fully realized vision of doom and gloom showing just how lethal Skating Polly can be. The latter is a stripped-down, heart-tugging piano ballad on par with anything Regina Spektor has ever done, toying with lush


The University of Central Oklahoma’s College of Fine Arts and Design will host the art exhibit Get Your Geek On: Celebrating Art in Anime, Comics and Video Games. The exhibit is a play on Comic-Con, a convention for fans to geek out about anime, comic books, video games and more. Artwork from UCO students, professional

Web and flow

Photo: Mark Hancock There’s a lyric from Josh Sallee’s new album, Know Society, in which the 26-year-old Oklahoma City rapper confronts this very issue: “Who is he?/ Is he who he sees?/ Is he everything that he ever liked or seen?/ Is the game of fame influencing?”  The song — “TLD – Technologicallogicaldreams” — serves

New look

His work experience is mainly in “labor work, construction, roofing and painting.” He is a high school graduate who has a lifelong love of writing and of films. Powell recently published one of his stories, “Sasquatch,” online through bookcountry.com. Like any writer, certain works inspire him. “The writer I’m probably most influenced by is Stephen

Egged on

The perpetrators busted lights, slashed inflatable decorations and destroyed ornaments because bah humbug. Neat told News9 that he has had to contact several groups that visit the decorations every year and he hopes to have everything repaired or replaced before Christmas. However, there is hope that justice will be served, as Neat’s surveillance camera caught

Colourmusic — A Very Special Colourmusic Christmas: Vol. 1

The band calls A Very Special Colourmusic Christmas: Vol. 1 “the indie reponse to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s ‘Wizards in Winter.’” And while that’s most certainly an apt description, it feels even more like the soundtrack to a lost How The Grinch Stole Christmas! sequel — a whimsical, colorful collection of songs whose quirks are only matched

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