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Piggy bank at New E Nuff, Monday, March 6, 2017.  (Garett Fisbeck)

Go on a thrift store safari for a quirky, budget-friendly workspace makeover

If your office or cubicle has all the personality of an off-brand stapler or a free paperweight, don’t fret. Any workspace can go from boring to fun and chat-worthy with just a little money and a lot of imagination. There are many destinations in the metropolitan area for budget-conscious buyers to peruse secondhand goods. But

Steampunk is fun again

Everyone has that one friend or relative who is a little nerdy and difficult to shop for. You know, that cousin who is obsessed with comic books and wants to spend hours arguing over whether or not Marvel is still relevant after the horrible, strange decisions they’ve made lately … but I digress. Take a


Over the last 47 years, the Heritage Hills Historic Home Tour has gradually become one of Oklahoma City favorite pastimes. This year’s event features a costumed narrated walking tour, a vintage automobile display and a vintage fashion display curated by Oklahoma State University fashion design students. The tours take place noon-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday,

Junk in the trunk

A couple of “junkers” will make a pit stop Saturday, bringing nearly 200 booths of vintage apparel, handcrafted jewelry and refurbished furniture to the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds. The Junk Hippy Roadshow is paying its third visit to Oklahoma City since husband-and-wife team Shawn and Kristen Grandi started the business in March 2012. The traveling twosome

Bring the bling

But I’d like to report that my resolution for 2011 has been successful, thanks to the guidance of friends and local shops. Since my bedazzled lids have been lifted, I’ve eagerly embraced what this city has to offer in the way of bling. First up, if you’ve not been to French Cowgirl (4514 N. Western,

The oldies

I’ve been all about vintage lately (I’m on the lookout for a cool reading chair for my bedroom), so I struck out to find the not-new: vintage, antiques, slightly used — all those things you couldn’t find in, oh, say, an outlet mall that backs up highways for miles. I’ve been driving by French Quarter

Buy backs

While that odd gift was memorable for many reasons — and, in fact, it still sits proudly on my desk, its weird, pink mouth smiling — I am happy to report that my favorite finds of 2010 are less peculiar. While still not exactly bursting with wads of cash and high-paying jobs, the year saw

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