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John Harrison puts his ballet in the voting machine during the election on 7-14-15, at Crown Heights Church of the Nazarene.  mh

Voter participation has declined across the state

Voter participation has declined across the state

Officials find that civically minded millennials have little faith in government as voter participation declines across the state and almost all age groups.

What about the women?

The dominoes that continue to fall have thrown our state politics into a frenzy. At the heart of the resignations and announcements, one question is not being asked: “What about the women?” Our state ranks 48th nationally in female representation in our Legislature and is consistently named one of the unhealthiest places in the country

James lankford liberal?

 After announcing his bid for Tom Coburn’s soon-to-be vacant senate seat, local Tea Partiers (not to be confused with “partiers”) launched an all-out assault on the fiery, redheaded Republican U.S. Representative of Oklahoma’s 5th District. Apparently, gutting SNAP food stamp benefits, blaming gun violence on “welfare moms” and believing it should be legal to fire

Remembering segregation

In those days, I was a teenager working as a waitress in the bus station in Checotah. When African Americans got off a bus and came up front to the restaurant section of the bus station for food, I had to tell them, “No.” They had to eat at a counter in back, behind the

We voted … not

Credit: Brad Gregg The state fell to the near-bottom of voter turnout in a recent study from Nonprofit Vote, a nonpartisan organization that encourages voter participation. Our über-conservative state ranked 49th in the nation. According to the study, 49.6 percent of Oklahomans did their civic duty in the presidential election, beating only West Virginia and

Citizen wane

Those two findings were part of the 2012 Oklahoma Civic Health Index, which was developed by a team of faculty and student researchers at the University of Central Oklahoma in partnership with the National Conference on Citizenship. The research team presented its report Dec. 4 to Oklahoma Secretary of State Glenn Coffee. According to the

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