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Grouplovin’ it

Photo: Pamela Littky Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi set off to Europe in 2008 seeking the same things most young people do in those formative, transatlantic trips: purpose, inspiration and a little adventure. They found a lifetime’s worth in the process. Hooper and Zucconi had just met in Manhattan a week before, but with a

Moore’s code

Last week, the Moore City Council approved a measure to adopt new residential building codes. Beginning April 17, the city will require residential builders in Moore to add roof sheathing, hurricane clips or framing anchors, continuous plywood bracing and wind-resistant garage doors to their new homes. “We have seen from this (May 20, 2013) tornado

Sundance kids

Now, Twenter and Robison have the imminent Sundance Film Festival premiere of Rudderless on their minds. “I just got off a juice cleanse to get svelte for the festival,” Twenter said. From their primary script to the to the inciting email from actor/ director William H. Macy, Twenter and Robison’s journey to get the project

We Are What We Are

From Stake Land director Jim Mickle, this American do-over finds its fever in a religious fervor, with scripture-quoting sourpuss Frank Parker (Bill Sage, Precious) mourning the accidental death of his wife. That tragedy leaves their eldest daughter, Iris (Ambyr Childers, The Master), in the unenviable position of assuming the family duty of … let’s just

Stories We Tell

In this intensely personal, potentially embarrassing work, actress-turned-director Sarah Polley (Take This Waltz) gathers her brothers, sisters, father and family friends in order to piece together a portrait of her late mother, Diane, who died of cancer when Sarah still a child.  That alone is hardly remarkable enough to merit a feature-length look. Note, however,

Wiggle your ears

A nationally known ’90s alternative rock group will headline the first, free “kindie” music festival Sunday at Bicentennial Park, 500 Couch, to promote health and fitness for the whole family. Michigan-based band The Verve Pipe will perform songs from Are We There Yet?, its second full-length album of children’s music released in July following the

Ready or not

The Ready Set Photo: Jared Thomas A 20-something singer-songwriter from the Midwest readies to play a few tunes Thursday night from his ever-growing repertoire of chart-topping singles, acoustic endeavors and previews from his upcoming third full-length album. As The Ready Set, Indiana native Jordan Witzigreuter has charmed national audiences — particularly the teen, female demographic

In _____ we trust

Illustration: Brad Gregg What Oklahoman readers didn’t see was a full-page counter-ad released by Freedom From Religion Foundation, a nonprofit committed to preserving the separation of church and state. While Hobby Lobby’s “In God We Trust” ad included quotes from presidents, founding fathers, Supreme Court rulings and even “foreigners” (their words), FFRF’s “In Reason We

Sweet slumber

Adam Miller, the brains behind the Oklahoma City-based project This Is Sleep, doesn’t just embrace the oncedormant science of computer-based production; he revels in it. “There is a magic, no doubt, that comes with bands,” Miller said. “But as technology rises, the evolution of music and new kinds of music go along with that, it’s

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