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Objets d’art

“Two Headed Hereford” In Renaissance Europe, before the advent of museums as we think of them today, there were private collections of things unable to be classified or understood called wunderkammer, or “cabinet of wonders.” The items were encyclopedic collections of objects whose collective categorization were beyond the means of classification. Some items were unclear


Newspaper editors were not exempt from early 20th-century lawmaking efforts. Another 1910 criminal statute tried to prevent the newspapers from publishing rumors and gossip. The misdemeanor kept an editor or owner from publishing “any statement which he has not good reason to believe is true” in order to increase newspaper sales. Strange but true In

Miracle on Classen Boulevard

In Spanish, the word milagros means “miracles.” Nestled near the trendy Classen Curve district, Casa De Los Milagros Mexican Restaurant and Cantina is indeed a miraculous structure. A cerulean blue dome rises above tile roofs and stucco walls painted in shades of terra-cotta and desert dun. A collection of multicolored gourds and pumpkins lined the


Recurring themes — Among America’s most prolific “fathers” (in this case, perhaps better considered “egg-fertilizers”) are Nathaniel Smith, age 39, who claimed on TV’s Divorce Court in September that he is the father of 27, and the late Samuel Whitney, whose grown stepdaughter Lexie Woods learned that he claimed 54 before he died in July

Fifties Ethnicities: The Ethnic Novel and Mass Culture at Midcentury

At one point in time, Italians, Jews and other lighter-skinned immigrants were not considered “white” strictly because of their heritage. Floreani takes on color and gender through the lens of the 1950s in her new academic book, Fifties Ethnicities: The Ethnic Novel and Mass Culture at Midcentury, released this month by SUNY Press. “When you


Family of man The marvels of science: The notorious white separatist Craig Cobb is currently soliciting like-skinned people to move to his tiny town of Leith, N.D. (pop. 16), to create a deluxe Caucasian enclave, but at the urging of a black TV host submitted to a DNA test in November to “prove” his lineage

Film preservation

Of the four original screening houses in Oklahoma City, only one continues to promote cinema in the building where it all began: The Paramount. Three film lovers in Oklahoma City came up with the idea to open a deli and coffee house and screen movies for their patrons. When they came across the old Paramount

We’re the Millers

Scruffy pot dealer David Clark (Jason Sudeikis, The Campaign) already is in the hole for $43,000 when being robbed worsens his situation. Desperate cash flows call for desperate measures, in the form of a sleazy businessman (Ed Helms, The Hangover Part III) offering to erase David’s debt and pay him 100 grand to smuggle “a smidge”

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