Formerly WSKY Lounge, the rebranded Stag Lounge re-opened in September with a new cigar humidor and air filtration.

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Muscadine Jelly performs at Boots & Bourbon Sept. 15. (Provided)

Bricktown Rotary gets the brown out for Boots & Bourbon

Boots & Bourbon begins 7:30 p.m. Sept. 15 at Oklahoma History Center.

A selection of whiskeys for a tasting class at Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar | Photo Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar / provided

Food Briefs: whiskey tasting, edible portraits class, Chuck Wagon Festival and more

Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar holds whiskey classes, Myriad Botanical Gardens makes edible portraits, Chuck Wagon Festival is back, St. Anthony Hospital hosts Saintoberfest Beer Tasting and Hideaway Pizza is named one of the best.

Justin Adams — Justin Adams

The linebacker with all-American good looks flexes his muscle in ballads and anthems alike, demonstrating a solid versatility over the course of the EP’s five tracks. Opener “Can’t Forget About You” is built around a standard pop-country hook, anchored by a rock earnestness and Adams’ rich, powerful voice. “Miss Me Whiskey” is a more interesting

Whiskey business

Bartenders a bit more bold might instead reach for a whiskey to get a taste from which to build. Some local bartenders are on the forefront of exploring the boundaries of whiskey, including James Etzler (pictured right) of The Office Drinks and Nosh, 5929 N. May. He’s concocted several drinks using different types of whiskeys,

Irish ayes

above David Haynes pulls Michael Collins whiskey off the shelf at Grand Cru. Peter Crandall Polk described the amber spirit as having “the flavor that is missing from American and Canadian whiskeys. It makes the back of your throat warm, like a fire on a cold morning. A hint of smoke, almost a burnt vanilla.

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