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WGC 2015 Pike and Shotte

Midwest City’s Warlord Games Con hopes to introduce new players to the tabletop gaming world

Midwest City’s Warlord Games Con hopes to introduce new players to the tabletop gaming world

English company Warlord Games makes miniatures based on historic and fictitious battles and wars.

First Christian Church, 301 NW 36th St. OKC.  mh

OKC’s iconic Church of Tomorrow and surrounding land for sale

Restoration Church at the Dome and the 31.8 acres it sits on are listed as development land at $8.2 million.

Saluting the ‘Greatest Generation’

It was an effective snapshot regarding the lives, the deeds, the perspective — and the passing — of certain members of what many refer to as “the Greatest Generation.” There could quite possibly be a small percentage of contemporary readers and members of the Tea Party circuit who might say that the cover photo “said

Twilight’s last gleaming

Credit: Mark Hancock When the battle for Okinawa ended, 12,500 Americans had been killed or lost. The Japanese lost more than 100,000. Fenwick, hailing from southeastern Oklahoma, was a U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, an advanced kind of medical personnel who landed with the Marines. He almost didn’t make the battle when his first landing craft

First Squad: The Moment of Truth

The alt-history animation centers on Division Six, a do-gooder group of mentally linked youths who use the gifts of astrology, clairvoyance and hypnosis against legendary sorcerer/black-arts practitioner Baron von Wolff and his wizard warriors. After having bloodily slaughtered a Russian village to smithereens, the Baron — aka the Angel of Death — is pursued by

45 caliber

Located at 2145 N.E. 36th, the nation’s largest state-operated military museum commemorates the National Guard division, long known as the “Thunderbirds,” with scores of artifacts from the Second World War. Museum curator Michael Gonzales said the exhibits help show visitors how Pearl Harbor catapulted the 45th into the throes of war. “It didn’t take a

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