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Oklahoma City writer returns home to teach his craft

Oklahoma City writer returns home to teach his craft

Matt Payne’s creative writing and screenwriting classes start soon.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The director-writer’s latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel — which opens Friday at AMC Quail Springs Mall 24, 2501 W. Memorial Road, and the Moore Warren Theatre, 1000 S. Telephone Road — is quintessential Anderson. There is no attempt here to woo the unconverted. As with all his films, every detail — and some would contend

Haunting words

Ghost-Writer is an old-fashioned play about creativity and romance with a paranormal twist. Set in New York in 1919, the story centers on a love triangle between a recently deceased author, Franklin Woolsey; his widow, Vivian; and Myra Babbage, the typist Woolsey dictated his novels to in life, who transcribes Woolsey’s words in death. The

Say it ain’t so, Joe

Credit: Brad Gregg In a June 20 Time story about veterans and public service, Klein mused while mentioning cleanup after the Moore tornado that it’s “funny how you don’t see organized groups of secular humanists giving out hot meals,” insinuating that only the religious kind organize to help out their fellow man. But you faithful

Fact and fiction

Tracy Daugherty considered himself a fiction writer with no ambition of writing anything else, but the Oklahoma City federal building bombing changed all that. Although he lived in Oregon, he had spent much of his childhood visiting his grandparents in southwestern Oklahoma, and he felt a strong need to come to Oklahoma City in the

smag 7

Seize the cheese Cheese lover and writer Clifton Fadiman once said, “Cheese is milk’s leap to immortality.” In the metro area, satisfying cheese seems to pop up on every menu. Say “hello” to these seven spots with tantalizing treats to test your taste buds. —Carol Smaglinski, photos by Mark Hancock and Shannon Cornman $$: Up

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