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Warrior-Scholar Project hosts an academic boot camp at OU

Warrior-Scholar Project hosts an academic boot camp at OU

“When you’re a first-generation college student, that distinction is not so clear,” Ellington said of the choice between for-profit colleges and accredited institutions like OU.


Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art shows off its print holdings in The Cultivated Connoisseur

The bequest came from former director Eric Lee, who requested the prints from Creighton Gilbert, his former teacher.

Eva Hesse 1 Photo Zeitgeist Films Provided

New documentary chronicles the life of abstract artist Eva Hesse

Eva Hesse follows the artist’s life and the evolution of her work.


I’m not sure who these unhappy socialists are whom Mr. Rixmann obviously knows so well, but the World Happiness Report this year listed the countries of Norway, Denmark and Switzerland as the top three happiest nations on earth. All three countries have what I assume would be labeled “socialist” economies by Mr. Rixmann’s standards, and

Preach it

Photo by Mark Hancock Meyers is a well-known pastor and best-selling writer, as well as a commentator for National Public Radio and Oklahoma Gazette. Meyers also is a distinguished professor of social justice at Oklahoma City University. The Lyman Beecher Lectures series has been an annual tradition since 1871 and is held in conjunction with

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