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Guthrie hosts new TALOA Music Festival

Guthrie hosts new TALOA Music Festival

A three-day festival in Guthrie highlights a diverse group of bands, art and healthy activities.

Kick asana

In every community — whether fitness, literature, food or sports — a figurehead and esteemed leader emerges. Among those who practice yoga, one such person is Sri BNS Iyengar, hailing from India, the country in which yoga originated in ancient days. “I had no intention of becoming a teacher,” lyengar said with a smile. Even

Stretching for serenity

These are not ordinary students. Founded by Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe, the school is designed to protect and empower African women who have been abducted, raped or abandoned. Many of the estimated 200 young women at the center were victims of warlord Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army, where they were forced to serve as child brides

Some like it hot

Bundling up with boots, coats, scarves and gloves is an option. Sitting in front of a blazing fire with some warm cider is definitely on the list. But if you’re a fitness guru, there is one surefire way to sweat out Old Man Winter. Hot yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Oklahoma City. In this

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